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"I don't like to have a girlfriend, but I do like to go on dates."
"I prefer to talk from the heart and go with the way I feel. A few people have told me they find it warming and romantic"
"Not being loved frightens me, I'm a very loving person and for me to give out so much love- and not recieve any in return - it really scares me"
"I've had nightmares about falling off a waterfall, where I've acctually fallen off of my bed and hit the floor pretty hard!"
"I'm a workaholic so I keep going until my energizer batteries run out!"
"People always jump out at me and I'm like, Ahhhhh!!!"
"Considering we are with each other 24-7, we've grown to love each other. We have a tight bond. We know what buttons to push, and what not to."
We want a future like the Eagles, the Beatles or the Beaach Boys. New Edition made a big impression on us. They were successfil, young, and lasted."
"I once put someone's name on the Statue of Liberty. I was going up a sprial staircase that led to the top and I saw everybody else's name and thought, 'What the heck?' It was mine and somebody else's name in a heart, but I'm not gonna kiss and tell."
"I said that I wore socks in bed at night and everyone keeps taking the mickey out of me about it."
"Around here its far and few you see guys doin' that"
"No, I don't eat chocolates, gotta keep my body in shape."

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