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Yeah, that was one crazy year. Basically my whole philosophy starting out -- because the question came up, 'Are you going to sign a label deal?' before anyone was really interested in signing me -- my idea was always 'Just go out and do it yourself.' The hardest thing for [a major record label] to do is to build a solid foundation, a base, which is like the first 50,000 records -- that core fan base.”

“The day it comes out, there's already things that you start to go, 'Oh, I should have done that a little differently.' You start to make a list in your head. I actually write things down -- what I'm going to do next time.”

I am one of those people who is never satisfied, ... When I was a little kid, I made a spaceship out of a refrigerator box, and I was pissed off that it wouldn't fly. Couldn't be happy with it. It was pretty cool, too.”

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