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Hot Rod Lincoln Quotes

My girlfriend decided to take me to see the Stray Cats on my birthday,” 
“I never heard such a huge, rockin’ sound coming from just three guys. Brian Setzer was amazing. I dropped out of college the next day and decided to pursue playing music.”
Buzz Campbell 

I picked up the guitar in second grade and learned a few chords, then I kind of lost interest. My brother wanted to play guitar a few years later, and bought an acoustic. When there was a guitar in the house again, I found myself picking it up and learning songs. In high school, a friend of mine started showing me how to play lead guitar and a lot of old rock ‘n’ roll songs. I really took to that. I was also very shy when I was younger and couldn’t talk to girls to save my life. When I played guitar at parties, I got more attention from the girls and found that, if I played music, I didn’t have to talk so much.
Buzz Campbell 

I had a rockabilly compilation CD with a bunch of stuff on it. Commander Cody’s cover of “Hot Rod Lincoln” was on it. I was reading the song titles with Johnny, and my roommate at the time mentioned that he thought “Hot Rod Lincoln” would be a good band name. He wasn’t too hip to what we were doing, but was always full of advice…so, we blew him off. The next day, Johnny called me, and we both thought he was right…hence, we became Hot Rod Lincoln.
Buzz Campbell 

I was looking for a couple of guys to start jamming with and, at the time, I worked in a warehouse with a lot of people. Someone told me that this guy played bass. It was then that I was introduced to Johnny G. I told him of my vision of starting a band that did only old rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly. He was into the idea and picked up an upright bass shortly after we got the group going.
Buzz Campbell 

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