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My dad used to make tapes – we’d have parties and he’d always make party mixes, so all the big 80s artists, up to, like, George Michael. But I mean my big influences were the classic stuff like Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin...
Steve Bays

Well, we’d all already been in, like, at least a dozen bands. They were just involved in the music scene that I was part of. I just thought Paul was the best drummer around, Dante was a great guitarist… and I guess I was hot on keyboards. I nearly didn’t join the band – I mean, I was actually in another band at the time that I wanted to devote myself to.
Steve Bays

Well I love talking, I love one on one conversations. I love movies & documentaries, I can’t get enough of them. They can be on anything! I also love producing. I would love to go down that road in the future.
Steve Bays

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