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Hope Partlow Quotes

“I actually only went to high school for six weeks. I lost sleep deciding on what I would wear the next day or who I had to impress. I was just a much more down-to-earth, relaxed person once I decided not to care what people thought of me.”

“while there is definitely some country influences in my music since I used to listen to artists like Reba McEntire and Patsy Cline but I kind of went with the times and what was popular on the radio and it led me to the newer stuff but I don't think there's any chance that I'll ever get all of the country out of what I do.”

“I grew up listening to Patsy Klein, Reba Mcentire and would study their voices. But once I became bored with that, I moved on to more contemporary stuff like Sheryl Crow and I combined everything that I had learned from country and rock and made this CD.”

“My parents were in the studio when we cut 'Let Me Try' and every time I sang it they started crying, ... I finally had to ask them to leave because I couldn't sing it while they were crying.”

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