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Holy Terror Quotes

"HOLY TERROR was Kurt’s brain child. As far as I know he had a vision of HOLY TERROR long before the band formed. He is originally from Seattle and he decided to come to LA to put a band together. I am not sure how he got involved with AGENT STEEL, but after some time he started to form HOLY TERROR. He was friends with Floyd who was playing with another band (I can’t remember their name) and Kurt originally wanted Juan Garcia (also from AGENT STEEL) to be the second guiarist in HOLY TERROR. At about the same time I was jamming with Jack Schwartz. Jack and I were childhood friends. Jack had just left DARK ANGEL and I was just jamming with some friends but they were moving more in the direction of DEF LEPPARD and I wanted to go heavier. Kurt, Floyd and Jack jammed a few times together and Juan declined the invite to join. Jack mentioned me and Kurt agreed to give me a try. I was rather inferior musically at the time. I was about 18 and Kurt and Floyd were several years older and had much more experience. Where I lacked musically Kurt felt I definitely made up for it with enthusiasm. After a couple months of practicing in a spare room at Jack’s house the four piece was set. We then started looking for a singer. Some aweful people tried out. After about a dozen try outs, we started to realize it was going to be more difficult than we thought. We also were starting to out grow the home rehersal site so we found a warehouse to rent in North Hollywood. One night during rehersal in the pouring rain a guy showed up on a bicycle. He was none other than Keith Deen. Kurt instantly knew he wanted Keith. In fact, Kurt had to go to Keith’s house and convince him to join. The band was now complete.”
Mike Alvord

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