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We all went to school at Gainesville, the University of Florida, all except John [Orth]. He's a bit older than the rest of us. He's spent time in Colorado, and other places, but he kind of settled in Gainesville. So he and Jeff [Hays], who plays most of the guitar on the record, are old friends, and they hung out a bit and got a duo thing going. And at the time, I was living with Jeff, so John would come over and they'd practice in my room, because that was where we had our immense collection of equipment, a bunch of analog synths, weird old amps -- all old equipment, really. They were just messing around, and eventually they wanted to get more serious and make a good recording. At the time I was infatuated with a couple loop machines and some other gadgets lying around. So they would make recordings that were just guitar and singing, and I would go in and add bass and bleeps and whistling loops and all types of stuff.
Michael Johnson

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