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Last year I did this musical here in Portland called One. That was my whole fall, like two months of ten hours per day, six days a week. It was a cast of nineteen. It was like going to camp. I fell in love with someone in the group, I was heartbroken, and then we had a four-week run and it was all over. Well, Iím exaggerating; he didnít really break my heart. It was more that we hooked up once and I wanted to hook up more but the show was over and he left. He wasnít even out, so nobody knew.
Holcombe Waller

I love talking about sex, but Iím shy at the same time. And, like I said, lately everyone Iíve been sleeping with has been a bit of a secret and even my good friends donít know about it.
Holcombe Waller

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