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Hobbs Angel of Death Quotes

The first band of significance that Hobbsy was in was called TYRUS, and they recorded a killer four track demo which had two songs that later appeared on the first ANGEL OF DEATH album. Those songs were "Crucifixion" and "Cold Steel." As I recall, both of those songs appeared only on the CD version. TYRUS played heaps of local Melbourne shows at local pubs to an average of two to three hundred punters. They were basically a primitive version of AOD, but nevertheless a headbanger's delight! I can remember that we used to get ultra pissed, and there was a lot of just plain thrashin' and bangin' going on then. Slam dancing, moshing, and crowd surfing were more of a punk or hardcore sort of thing. Peter was a good frontman, and used to get people revved up with all these satanic chants and whatnot. He, and we, used to listen to a lot of SLAYER, DESTRUCTION, ARTILLERY, CELTIC FROST, and VOIVOD. I do recall that Peter used to quite like ASSASSIN at the time too. We all like early JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS, and IRON MAIDEN of course, but the thrash and death bands were more what influenced Hobbs. Especially SLAYER. AOD formed out of TYRUS, and used members from NOTHING SACRED to do an AOD demo. Then Peter asked me, Darren [McMaster-Smith, drums], and [Mark] Woolley [lead guitar] to go over to Berlin and record the first LP.
Phil Gresik

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