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Hecate Enthroned Quotes

We all contribute to the writing process either providing full songs or riffs or a harmony part then we all jam on it and mess about with it and see where it goes. We all have an input which is good it keeps things fresh while keeping that Hecate vibe we have formed. Myself , Nigel , Andy and Rob have been together a long time so we have built up an understanding and now we have Pete and Dagon who Iím sure will bring something new to the table.
Dylan Hughes 

Iím quite disappointed with this election not nearly as much controvosy as the last one but it goes to show the majority of Americans still put security first, they still have this fear of outside nations and groups, a lot of people were saying how wrong Bush was with this war but he still won by the biggest majority ever. Americans you see they are terrified of terrorism they crave security and the army comes first.
Dylan Hughes 

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