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Our schedules havenít permitted us to do shows in a while and now weíre gonna do it but thatís it. Itís cool, weíll see what happens, Iím just excited to do it. We never broke up, thereís no reason to, why would I? We donít have to break up.
Daryl Palumbo

I kinda heard it all when it first happened. All the bands that sound like Nirvana Ė I heard it when Nirvana was there. And all the bands that sound like some bad throwback AC/DC shit Ė I heard AC/DC when they were playing. All the cheesy indie rock bands are like the Joy Division rip-off bands. Yeah, I like Joy Division; I donít have to listen to your band. I donít know; I donít buy it. Itís all pretty contrived and packaged.
Daryl Palumbo

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