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"Naturally, everyone thinks siblings would be jealous over each other and fighting, but my dad always said, 'If you ever fight over a part or cry over a part, you guys have to come home!'"

You know Maxim was kind of an interesting choice for me to do. They had asked me to do a 12-page spread on the inside of Maxim almost two years ago, right after Napoleon Dynamite came out. I didnít want to sell myself out that way. If I was going to do something like Maxim, I wanted to have the cover.

They think that I am a lot younger than I am. Everyone who meets me is always like, "Oh, are you the youngest sister?" "No, Iím older than Hillary." I think itís just because I have never really played older than myself or even my own age yet.

For me when I go in and audition for things, I just let them go as soon as I leave. I can Ďt take them home with me. Thatís something that my mom actually taught my sister and me from the time we were kids.

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