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Harvey Mason Quotes

Percussion is fun, but drums are my first love, what I’ve always done. Percussion is a novelty and it keeps it very interesting and I love doing it.
Harvey Mason 

I went back and studied law, but I never finished. During my 40s, I went through the change of life, thinking that the world was going to crumble… I mean music. I always felt like it was a temporary thing… that it could crash and burn at any moment. Maybe that’s why I played with such urgency. I also went thru a divorce at the same time.
Harvey Mason 

I went to UCLA and took up a course in film scoring. I’ve scored a few films. It’s been fun and continues to be. I did a couple here and there. Last year, I scored an episode of “The District.” I try to keep my hands in there a little bit. Variety for me is a lot of fun and it keeps things interesting. It seems like it keeps things going on.
Harvey Mason 

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