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We’ve had a lot of problems on tour recently, a lot of crazy people. I’ll use the word ‘stalker,’ not like a sexual rapist, but just crazy people who went beyond the bounds of fan-band relationships and started doing things that were really sort of sinister and dangerous.
Jonathan Donahue (about bringing a gun into Canada)

Well, I started Mercury Rev first. Mercury Rev started recording Yrself Is Steam around 1987. I got about halfway through that and I’d known Wayne [Coyne] for a little bit. I just started writing with them, not really thinking that Mercury Rev was going to be doing anything more than making nature film soundtracks, so I did two records with the Flaming Lips, In a Priest-Driven Ambulance and Hit to Death in the Future Head. When I was in the band, they were very lean years, there wasn’t any money. We were making great records, but nobody was paying attention like there is now. Really, we had no money, so the success they have now is long overdue.
Jonathan Donahue

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