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When you’re nine years old and you’re singing along to Switched on Bach knowing in your head that, you know, “Some day I’m going to be an electronic musician”….and, you know…it’s like…And then you grow up and the only thing you can afford at first is an acoustic guitar…or that is the first thing that allows you to be able to start using your voice…right? But because I was female and because I had a sweet voice and because I was seen with a guitar, the obvious conclusion was made. Mostly I hear women singing about very intimate, personal, mostly relationship-oriented things. That’s the last thing I ever want to sing about.
Happy Rhodes

I think in my earlier albums I lived in my head a lot more. The issues I dealt with were all personal, depression or how I would react to certain situations. Now, not feeling too depressed that much anymore, I think about other things. I turn my thoughts outward now.
Happy Rhodes

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