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"When I was in Nashville, I went to our Macy's and went and tried on all the Hannah Montana stuff. Then I said, 'This is weird, I'm wearing my face.'" 

"I always have two bracelets on my right arm. One is a purple and white bracelet from a fan. I love it! I also wear a bracelet from a waterpark- I've had it on for two or three years. My mom says it's pretty nasty, actually. But you'll never see me without them ever! In magazine photos, the bracelets are sometimes airbrushed our, but viewers will always see me wearing them during scenes." 

"I have candy all the time. I live on gummy bears and peach rings. They're like dried-up peaches, only dipped in sugar. You can get 'em at gas stations. They're like 99 cents for four bags. And cashews. I love cashews." 

"My favourite sport is cheerleading!" 

"They're going to be pretty harsh, so no matter what they're going to honestly think, they're going to be like, "You stay, you go home." That was the most nerve-wracking part." [on auditioning for cheerleader] 

"When [my Dad and I] are doing photo shoots or something he'll just yell out things I wouldn't want anyone to know. Just random stuff. "Remember that time when you were a kid?" That kind of stuff. But it's funny. It breaks the ice. It makes everyone smile. If it takes embarrassing me to make everyone happy I'll take it." 

"We'll have an argument at home, and then I realize I'm going to have to drive to work with him. It's the logest hour of my life. If feels like I've been in the car for four days!" 

"What's good is that once my dad and I are home we are done. We don't even run lines together. Anything that happens on the set stays on the set." 

"The only advice my Dad's given me is: If you ain't having fun, it ain' working, so always have fun with what you're doing. If you don't love it then there's no reason to do it. And don't do it for fame or money- do it because it's something that you feel is right." 

“The training is pretty harsh, but it's so worth it once you're on stage and getting trophies.” [on cheerleading] 

"So then all these people were like following me. It got kind of creepy, but then again, I was like, 'Oh, gosh, this is so cool! Awesome!'" 

“I’ll be doing a concert and I’ll look out in the crowd and I’ll see 3-year-olds. Then I see 6- and 7-year-olds wearing ‘Hannah Montana’ wigs and all this stuff. And then I look out and see people who are 18th, 19 and 20. I think the reason the show has the wide range is that no matter how old you are, no matter where you come from, you always have a dream or a goal that you’d like to achieve. It shows just a normal girl reaching her dream. So I think that gives a little bit of inspiration to all the viewers.” 

"As soon as I step on that stage, nothing matters. I don't think of it as work. It's just so much fun." 

"There's nothing more fun than being out on stage and getting the vibe from the crowd. There's nothing like being on a set where you are there to make other people happy and to make them laugh. That's the best job in the world." 

“I was singing on the stage with my dad when I was 2. I would sing ‘Hound Dog' and silly songs for the fun of it.” 

"When you write or sing a song that means something to you, you are saying, 'You know what? This is who I am!'" 

"My Dad always told me that casting agencies are like artists picturing their paintings in their mind. They know what they want for a role and not to take it too seriously [if I dont get the part]." 

"I am not very good at keeping secrets at all! If you want your secret kept do not tell me!" 

"Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!" 

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