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Erik and I had played in different bands, but met most weekends and talked about music and drinking and going to clubs. It ended up us going into a rehearsal room and just jamming together - I was playing the guitar and he was playing the drums. We made a couple of songs which were pretty good. Then we thought we could make a real band out of this. So we asked Ice Dale who played in a band called “Malignant Eternal” and after he joined, the three of us kept it going on. We did a demo and played some shows and basically just kept jamming in the rehearsal room. Nothing really happened before Torbjørn joined in. He overtook more and more the part of Ice Dale, who got more and more busy with other things. We didn´t want to loose Ice Dale, but we needed to rehearse and write new songs. Torbjørn was really interested in joining us and it was cool already on the first day and since then he has been our motor. Like I said, his appearance was gluing us together and making us a whole band again. So since at least a year it´s been Eric, Torbjørn and me meeting often doing songs and rehearsing with Bourbon Flame. Ice Dale came in every now and then when he had a chance and then we just did the record. And it turned out great I think. We spent almost a year doing the record.
Janto Garmanslund (about Bourbon Flame)

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