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The original [Jazzmatazz] was all about bringing the generations together, it was all about getting the jazz cats who we sampled in the studio [to work with us]. At that time there was a whole kind of era that I was at the forefront of. Like if you look at the DJs and producers of that time, like Pete Rock, Q-Tip and all those dudes. Even before us it was Marley [Marl] and [DJ] Jazzy Jeff, there were a lot of jazz elements being sampled in Hip-Hop. So I wanted to do a solo project [outside of Gangstarr] and what I wanted to do is get the jazz cats who we were sampling and get them in the studio and get them to rock over some Hip-Hop; and this would also have the effect of “bridging the gap”, as Nas called it; but this was back then, so this was before that [laughs].

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