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I was offered all kinds of music as a child and throughout my life I gravitated to whatever felt right. And I think it’s just like any other situation when you’re shown something as a kid, then that thing becomes a norm. So, it was normal for me to listen to everything and, um, I think that those influences -- luckily for me -- have played a big part in the music that I make today and the feeling of, um… as long as the song has something memorable about it, or catchy, or honorable... if there’s a groove, if there’s something tender about it… it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from. 
Amel Larrieux

For me, from the beginning, I started in the industry in a group where I was writing my own stuff and I was like styling myself, I was, like… I had a look I already knew that I wanted, and I always knew that, like, if people would offer me other, like, you know, alternative ways of looking, um, or presenting myself or saying, you know, this would be more accessible… this would sell if you would show this or do it this way or whatever… I was just way, way too stuck in my own style. 
Amel Larrieux

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