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Gretchen Wilson Quotes

“I don't really think about having had a hard life. It was just my life, and it's all I knew. It made me who I am - all the good and bad - and it's where all of the songs on Here For The Party came from. I've lived them all.”

“What I'm doing is a dream come true but at the same time its work. It's like anything else. The only time it doesn't really feel like work to me is when I'm on stage and doing what I've prepared myself for my whole life which is to stand out in front of a crowd and sing.”

“I didn't feel the pressure that everybody thinks about on sophomore albums. I didn't think about it. I had final approval on all the songs. My label trusted me to know my audience. We recorded 16 songs, and we used them all.”

“I got to where I couldn't listen to country radio, ... Country music is supposed to have steel and fiddle. When I hear country music, it should be country.”

“Most of them are man-bashing, downing guys. This one doesn't do that. 'Redneck Woman' is just a song about pride.”

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