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Kate: Will you sign this petition? They're trying to close Dorie's Tavern.
Billy: Sure. That's where my dad proposed to my mom, you know.
Kate: That's where everyone's dad proposed to their mom.

Billy: you having fun?
Giz: Fun!
Bil: its neat huh?
Giz: Neat!

Billy Peltzer: They're watching Snow White. And they love it.

Lil Boy: The most important rule of all, no mater how much he cries, no mater how much he begs, never, Never feed him after midnight.

Deputy Frank: Let me drive.
Sheriff Brent: You're drunk.
Deputy Frank: You always get to drive.
Sheriff Brent: That's because I'm the sheriff a**hole.

Gerald: This is a bank, not a pet store!!!!

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