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Tour is fabulous, sold out all over the place. Just great crowds. Great reaction from the people. It's very nice to be back. We haven't toured Canada in a couple of years. It's very much of what home is like here. People made us feel like we are back home which is great.
Sean McCann

It's always been our intention to sell millions of records and play to thousands of people at a time. That's always what we have been set up to do. Many times these dreams don't come true and we are lucky I guess, as it worked for us.
Sean McCann

We really formed six years ago in 1993 when we were just ambling through school on the edge of a whole other career and we decided to come together as a band and play traditional music, that's really how it happened.
Sean McCann

We all enjoy traveling. You have to enjoy traveling in this business because there’s an awful lot of tours and you have to do your job everyday. But you get to do something that is really special; to see so many towns in Europe is something that not a lot of people get to do.
Darrell Power

With each new album we have more original songs and you obviously leave the realm of the traditional.
Darrell Power

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