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As far as writing songs...each time it’s a different experience. For example with ‘Salvation’, ‘Butterfly Kisses’, and ‘Things Don’t Exist’ I worked with Jeff Bhasker, and I came to him with the lyrics and melody, then he created the music around it. ‘Romantic’ happened similarly with Soulive, but I had a better idea of what I wanted b4 hand. Songs like ‘Catch 22’, ‘It takes More’, ‘Closer’, and the other tracks – I wrote straight to what the producers created.

You know the old African saying-”It takes a Village to raise a child”-- I believe that to be true. I grew up in a strong community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’ve been performing with my band THE HEAT for a couple years and some members rotate depending but we really enjoy doing the music live. I

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