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Every day is something new, one blessing after the next. It's been cool.

Even to this day I don't completely think of myself as a great vocalist. People pay me tremendous compliments and I'm like 'wow' but maybe it's just the way I was brought up.

After getting in the door, I always thought I can just pull everybody in but I didnít realize how much self-discovery comes along with this whole ride, this whole journey.

Itís a matter of recognizing your abilities, recognizing what you have to offer. Being able to say this person has done this or done that.

Somebody has to recognize what they have to offer, whether they are a great talent or not, and be willing to have somebody step in that also has something to offer in the situation (something to contribute) and start creating that plan from short term to ultimately achieving the long term goal which is getting out there and making it big. Itís a business. Approaching it as a business.

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