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A few years ago. We all knew each other as friends and shared a love of sun records-tamla motown etc then through time decided to knock a couple of tunes together and here we are.
James Allan

Thereís lots and lots of great things are out there. they make me feel alive and inspired to do something special. Thereís also lots and lots of souless crap that makes me not want come out from under the duvet. The music Iíve been listening to most recently has been a lot of female artists such as Debbie Reynolds, Skeeter Davis, Angela McCluskey and Nellie McKay, who are all really great.
James Allan

Me and my cousin (rab, guitarist) played our first gig in his living room for our mums about a week after we first picked up a guitar nine years ago. We both knew one chord. These days its different. We now know five chords!
James Allan

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