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George Huff Quotes

“You can expect passion, ... It's about my life and my experiences. It's a really good, well-rounded CD.”

“What I'm trying to be is a missing link in the music industry today, ... There's not a lot of positive messages in music today. You hear a lot about shaking your booty and guns. You don't hear a lot of Stevie Wonder. I'm motivated to make a difference in the world and encourage youth to be who they are.”

“Sometimes I want to cry when I see all that's happened in New Orleans. It was really hard to go back home and see the place like that ... but He won't put no more on you than you can handle. He's the greatest gift you'll ever have. ... Anybody who knows George Huff, they know that I love the Lord.”

“I just want the people to know that there will be a brighter day.”

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