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Gavin Rossdale Quotes

“I always figured that, you know, everyone had a bush. It wasn't specifically female. Anyway, we all come from bush.”

“My life's changed a lot in the last couple of years, ... and hopefully this reflects it. I wanted to do something a little bit harder than Bush. It's got a paranoid edge to it.”

"I play rock music but grew up with Massive Attack and Tricky. I am not just some rock musician; I want to cover the whole lot.”

“Everything is fine now, ... We resolved it and the war of attrition is over. We're concentrating on all working hard together to make this record well known. We're down with them. It's just really good to be having a record out.”

“She's really focused and knows what's in her mind and her vision. It's shocking, stunning. She looks the best to me when she takes seven minutes to get together and we go out low-key. She looks great by the pool.”

“There's nothing worse than someone coming up to me and going ''Oh God, I really love your hair.''”

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