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Gary U.S. Bonds Quotes

I never did get the complete picture of what that was all about. I know that at one point, there was a place next door to the studio on Princess Ann Road called Mr. Cod's Delicatessen. What Mr. Cod had in there was this huge, cardboard picture, stand-up picture of Uncle Sam. A U.S Saving Bond. They were doing a lot of promoting at that time, of United States Savings Bonds. He also had the big American flag back there. He also had a big Savings Bond on the other wall. He was one of those patriotic guys. I'm only guessing that Freank Grida (owner of Legrand Records) got it from that. You know..."why don't I call him U.S. Bonds." It wasn't Gary U.S. Bonds in the beginning. It was just U.S. Bonds. In fact, the record came out "By U.S. Bonds" instead of "Buy Bonds". I guess that's where he got it from But, I never did find out from him. 
Gary U.S. Bonds 

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