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“I get female groupies, but I don't get male groupies. I have women who offer to sleep with me all the time. But not men. They're all talk and nay action -- as we'd say in Scotland. If I go anywhere near most of our male following, they are freaked. Absolutely freaked. I think my height has got a lot to do with it. I'm really tall. I'm five-eight, and with heels, I'm six foot, so people are like. 'Whoa, Amazon!' People are a wee taken aback by that 'cause I think people expect me to be small.”
Shirley Manson

“Sex is not the enemy . . . I won't feel guilty no matter what they're telling me,”
Shirley Manson

“I state for the record that I am PRO CHOICE. No government, no man, no neighbour of mine is going to tell ME what I choose to do with MY BODY or MY LIFE. How dare ANYONE, even for a MILLISECOND, consider it reasonable to legislate over the insides of another human being. Where will that kind of legislation end? Will it eventually lead to goverment legislation over our organs?
NOBODY has the right to legislate over another persons body.
We may not always approve of what another person chooses to do with their own body, but quite frankly.....IT'S NONE OF OUR DAMNED BUSINESS.
For instance....if I had my way.......I would OUTLAW plastic surgery. It's facism. It's INSANE. It's DANGEROUS. But you know what... millions of people, indeed I would imagine the majority of people, would disagree with me. So I have to simply choose not to have surgery MYSELF. And that is the end of it.”
Shirley Manson

“I don't really see where I fit into that group, but I'm very flattered. I think, though, all of us women, regardless of how different we are as artists, come from a similar place in terms of how we view our role as a female musician. All of us are pretty feisty. And I think that that's what people identify with. Because there seem to be so few women right now who are interested in having an opinion. Having something to say. Trying to do things a little differently. Refusing to take our clothes off to further our careers.”
Shirley Manson

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