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I think that men and women are different. As far as thinking, I guess you'd have to ask me something more specific like about relationships or about a movie...do you know what I mean? A lot of my friends are men and I feel like I have a lot of similar ideas or opinions about things whether it's music or a film or something like that, but I think when it comes to relationships men are very different than women and their ideas when it comes to that seem a little screwball to me.
Hilken Mancini

When I was maybe 12 or 13 I tried to steal a pair of sunglasses and I almost got caught. I got so freaked out that I put them back. But on the way out, I got stopped by the security and they brought me in this room and they frisked me. It was the scariest thing in the world. I feared that I was too obvious and they were watching me and I was too freaked out, so I put them back, but they nabbed me anyway. But I didn't have them on me, so I actually didn't get in trouble. 
Chris Toppin

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