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Our first gig was 7 minutes long. Four songs. The first song on our album is 106 seconds long and it used to be half that. At the time there was a fair few bands in Newcastle and Sunderland who were doing stuff and I used to go to the gigs and get quite bored. I just thought you're spending too long in-between songs fiddling around with your guitar; you're trying to be funny - you're not a comedian, you're a musician so shut up; and it seemed like the bands songs would go on forever. We wanted to do something that was the complete opposite of that, so it was no flattery in-between songs and no stops. We would finish a song and try to start the next one, which is really really difficult to do. And instead of the audience trying to focus on one person singing we thought we'd have everyone singing.
Barry Hyde

"It's a great privilege to be asked on the tour because the NME is a really prestigious thing and it's really well respected. It's the last remaining music weekly so it's a great thing to be asked to do the tour by them, but also to be doing the tour with such great bands. I think we fit on the bill really well and anyone who hasn't heard any of the other bands will enjoy the full bill. Touring with a band like Bloc Party is going to be great because we really respect them, and The Killers, and the Kaiser Chiefs."

"There'll be a lot of energy, we'll give it our all, we'll do most of the songs off the album. We'll dance about like idiots and try to encourage others to do the same. Forget yourself, forget you're at an ordinary gig, don't be ordinary, dance about for half an hour."

"I just hope they enjoy the show and respect what we do. Hopefully they'll have had a dance about and be really sweaty and have a smile on your face. That's one of the nicest things. Hopefully people will have a good time."

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