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Funker Vogt Quotes

First of all I have to say that Thomas left the band because of his own decision. His own activities didn’t fit anymore to all the time we have to spend for the work on Funker Vogt. He owns two pubs, has two daughters with different women, so there had been nearly no time for touring and so on. Another fact is that our guitarists always work just as live-performers. Only if we want to do a song with guitars which is maybe one or two times a year, they become a part of our studio work. The main reason why we use to perform with a guitarist is that there is more action on stage with four musicians. And “action” is what an FV-show stands for.
Funker Vogt

We always say that as long as wars prevail on earth we will write about them. People tend to cope with the fact that there are wars. And we will at least try to make a little change here. In a war still everybody is a loser….Or to say it with Plato’s words: Only the dead have seen the end of the war. So this is a serious topic for us, not only business! 
Funker Vogt

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