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I was in a band called Bobbo for a few years. Based in NYC, we put out a slice of vinyl moments before we disbanded. Before that, I was in an assortment of under-achiever bands. Fuck still exists. We leave for Italy this fall where we will record a new album of dubious quality (after all, it'll be recorded in Italian, fer chrissakes.)(or at least, on Italian recording equipment [read: broken]).
Timothy Todd Prudhomme 

I grew up in the suburbs of Baton Rouge. One may mistakenly believe that I heard blues, zydeco, and the ilk at a tender age. But I must restate: I grew up in the suburbs…USA. So I was exposed to the likes of Billy Joel, Elton John, and whatever else crap was on the Top 40. It was no less than hard work and determination that I was able to find my first punk rock record. And once I found it, I realized that I needed to always search for something better, and to never go back to listening to whatever was being spoon-fed by the radio-corporation motherfuckers.
Timothy Todd Prudhomme 

I usually make them up, composite-style, from personal experience. However, on occasion, I just might invent these weirdoes out of thin air. It depends on my hold on reality
Timothy Todd Prudhomme 

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