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I feel like I just wake up some days and want to do something completely different. I never wanted to limit anything I did, so I would just start a new thing and put a new name on it. I think thatís why electronic music is so interesting, because thereís no limits. One person alone could be a whole band. I think thatís always what excited me. The possibilities are unlimited as to what you can do with technology. I think itís a learning process; and I enjoy the learning process. So as that continues, it keeps my interest. Who knows? I think the whole soundtrack thing is going to be something Iím going to want to focus on as the years go by.
Bill Leeb†

I guess the thing about having Delerium and Frontline is the extremities. Even though theyíre both technically related, Frontline is as hard as nails, and Delerium is a spiritual kind of record to me. Itís something that you put on, and it enhances the environment around you and actually makes you feel better. I think everybody needs different sides of their personality to be a complete person. I think I need both of those to sort of adhere one to the other and make sense of everything at the end of the day. Some days I want to scream; and some days I just want to pray. Having those is a perfect outlet for that kind of thing.
Bill Leeb†

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