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Fred Hammond Quotes

It’s easier to keep your stuff then it is to expose it, because some people don’t get it. At the cross, at the feet of Jesus, there were some people who said, “Good! I’m glad that you’re dead.” Then there were some that were crying and saying, “Why are you doing this to this innocent man?” It is not easy to do.
Fred Hammond

Warryn and I were just coming up with a groove and Coconut happened to be here, so we all said, “Let’s just write this.” We came up with this little groove. I put that little Jamaican thing right in the middle of it. Then Warryn came up with something else. It has a quartet quality to it. I believe that quartet music is going to make a really good resurgence in America. It is the foundation of Gospel music. I always try to have a little flavor of that in there somewhere.
Fred Hammond

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