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Fred Eaglesmith Quotes

When they come out to my shows they like me but trying to get them to come out to my shows they're like "I don't want to go and see that old guy" But when they do they totally get it…
Fred Eaglesmith

The music that I play is much more accepted in America. Do you know what I mean? Americans recognize and not necessarily country music. I go to a lot of places in Canada and they go "I don't like country music" and they think I'm a country musician. When I am a country musician but not a country musician like they think of.
Fred Eaglesmith

I was playing this kind of music before there was Americana music. This was the only music I knew how to play, I don't know why I knew how to play it – partially because I was raised on a farm and I listened to Hank Snow and Wilf Carter and Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette when I was in Canada and I started my trade in bluegrass til I found this place in the middle of it all that they later defined as Americana music and you know the thing was that when I went to Texas they would so 'Oh no, this is our music are you sure you're not from Texas?" I heard that all the time but in Canada for many years they said 'This music doesn't exist, what are you trying to do?" Especially because it had no Acadian roots, no Celtic roots…they just didn't understand it.
Fred Eaglesmith

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