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Yes they are both very time consuming and especially now with Fozzy getting bigger and bigger itís hard to keep on track. But I like them both. Iíve been a musician much longer than being a wrestler. I started being member in bands when I was 14 years old. It has been very exciting for me to see Fozzy growing through the years.
Chris Jericho

An ordinary day. I get up early, drive to the airport, from there driving to the arena where we wrestle. Then if we have a show I will take another plane for my destination. Otherwise I will take a plane to return home and fall in bed very, very late.
Chris Jericho

Theyíre doing a fantastic job over at Riot! Johnís been a friend for years. He was a fan of Stuck Mojo and also, he has a lot of friends who work for the WWE so he knows a lot of the boys that wrestle and this is kinda right up his alley. Heís a fan of the band, heís a fan of the music.

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