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The big cities - New York, LA, London, Chicago…San Francisco has always been great. As for Europe, it's always fun to play in a city where we have fans. Paris is cool, but Germany is another story. We've been there like eight times, and each time we wonder why we're there. We're not big in Germany.
Adam Schlesinger

Yeah, Jody [Porter] left. He's a great guitar player. We have a guy named Phil Hurley who is going to go out on tour with us now. I'm not sure if he'll end up as the permanent guitar player, but he's the type of guy who can kind of step in and play anything. He was with the Gigolo Ants before, and he's really good.
Adam Schlesinger

These days we don't collaborate at all. We write separately, then each come in with a bunch of songs and play them for each other and see which ones we like. We'll play them on guitar or piano and see what we can do with them. Then we build on them from there.
Adam Schlesinger

I don't know if there was really ever a golden age of the music business. Most of what was released has always been garbage and some has been able to get through and last. I don't know that it was much better thirty years ago. The music industry just wasn't as efficient. The music industry was more oddball guys who did it for fun and now they are huge corporations that have become more structured.
Adam Schlesinger

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