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I felt legitimized, because all the bands out there that were getting signed and getting press and doing world tours had a very uniform, homogenous sound. I like hard rock and metal, but I donít have a lot of tolerance for it. I think why we got embraced by a lot of those people is because they felt the same way I did. I like bands that donít have a cool factor. I mean, you can tell when itís camp, like the guitar-face guy and when itís Joe Cocker.
Robert Wynia

Well, we all were weaned on 4AD [the label behind the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, the Pixies, etc.] stuff. Dead Can Dance is always on the bus when weíre out on tour. A lot of it has come from that influence. Itís a strange recipe, because it seems like it works unbelievably well on a lot of levels on a lot of people, and it really doesnít work on a lot of people, too. Not a lot of gray area. Iím a bit baffled at why.
Robert Wynia

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