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"It wasn't financially feasible to get up and tour. If we were 21, I'm sure we'd get out there and tour for nothing. But, Rex was married, and we all had women. It wasn't about touring, it was about money. It was like, 'Go be on the road, but you better send home some cash.'"

“For some reason, everybody thinks that the Epic deal came out of the prize of the television show,”

“We don’t like to do covers very much. We were bored on the TV show and decided that it’s a beautiful song and we were just wanting to do something new in our set. It’s a very simple song, and I thought it would be interesting for a guy to sing it. The crowd just ate it up and we’ve kept it in our set ever since.“

You’re not singer-songwriter. You aren’t cheesy rock. You’re not psychedelic.’ They said you guys have a really unique sound and that’s really hard to come by. I thought that was a very big compliment.”

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