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Fleetwood Mac Quotes

The bands that just play blues these days don't seem to be doing anything. It's just not being played right. I mean, if it's being played well, I'm sure the people would like it.
Jeremy Spencer

The record business is @#$%& up the whole scene. There should be more free music. I think the people are putting too much responsibility on the bands for charging too much. And it's got nothing to do with them. Think of all the bands that charge exorbitant fees.
Mick Fleetwood

You're right. The reason is there was no time to change stuff. All the poetry was pulled straight out of the journals from the tour. All those words are exactly as they were written in my diaries during the post-9I1 1 period.
Stevie Nicks

We felt that we should go around this trip one more time because we could. We knew that Fleetwood Mac, as a band, could make another studio record that the world would love.
Stevie Nicks

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