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The Firesign Theatre Quotes

I had been giving speeches on Y2K before anybody went out on the field. I picked up on that three years ago off the Net. So I have a lot of material on the millennium, although Proctor was also talking for a long time about doing a millennium album. The whole idea of Y2K and the computer crashes I brought in, but what did the Firesign Theatre turn it into? The chip in the coffee machine, which is one of my favorite pieces [on the new CD], by the way. There's something so fabulous about bringing this whole crisis down to the coffee machine. I could never, on my own, have written that.
Peter Bergman

We really returned to writing in the Now, so to speak, on a project for NPR. They asked us to do a little piece for the new year, I think it was for 1997. Shortly after that we were contacted to do some short radio pieces for a syndication program. There were going to be drop-ins on April Fools Day. We walked into the studio and we had written various things separately that we were going to bring in, and that's where US Plus and Unconscious Village showed up at that session. We all four ripped into them and re-wrote them. The original drafts were Austin's. Then everybody put in their two cents worth, and I think we did five commercial spots and maybe five newscasts. 
David Ossman

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