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Most memorable show? Iíd have to say the record release shows. We had all our families there and everybody got to see us really rockiní out, so it was pretty special.
Nate Barcalow

Iím not sure. Randy came to us with it and said, 'What about Finch?,í and (we were) like '(that) sounds good.' So, I donít really know the real origin behind it.
Nate Barcalow (on band name)

Something different. Something they havenít seen or really heard before. And if it confuses them, I guess thatís good. Itís better than hating us, you know.
Nate Barcalow (on seeing them live)

Iím not really into comparisons either. I understand kids also ask the eternal question-- ĎWho do they sound like? / What do they sound like?' You have to compare them so they know, but (I) try to stay away from that too. But itís kind of inevitable.
Nate Barcalow

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