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My understanding, which is kind of minimal, is that I couldnít even explain why, but I listened to something on the radio the other day and it seems that thereís some form of trick to the way that itís being handed back, like thereís a setup to it. Primarily, my thought is that as a citizen of the United States, my problem is that one side is funded and one side is not and I personally donít want to be paying for something like that. I think thereís a huge history of support of Israel and being there is about that.
Jeff Ott

I am currently two and a half years into the pre-requisites for nursing school, and I intend to get a nursing license. I worked for the health department where I live for abut three years, and someone was letting me do a lot of stuff that wasnít really legal for me to do, which I did until my boss found out. I just started taking classes because I was enjoying the kind of work and as a kid all my healthcare came from the Berklee Free Clinic and I didnít realize until I was thirty or so that I could actually be in position to do that. It kind of always felt like I had a debt in a way. Where I live now is very rural and very poor and a lot of people really just donít do any kind of healthcare at all. I think I can accurately say that itís kind of third world here.
Jeff Ott

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