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When I decided to be in a band, I knew what I wanted to do and it was travel around like a fucking gypsy in a bus with a load of sweaty dudes. I donít understand what the attraction was, but it was there.
Joe Sumner

I resisted MySpace for awhile then eventually signed up and then suddenly everybodyís doing the Facebook one, which is driving me fucking crazy. Itís all the same people. Can you make your bandís career out of MySpace? I think thatís probably harder now because everyone just [doing it]. Itís still huge Ė thereís like 80 billion people on it - but people are sort of savvy that bands add people and just annoy them and bombard them with crappy blogs and stuff. I think itís useful, but itís just what you do now. Itís like waking up and having a cup of tea.
Joe Sumner

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