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In the '80s, people really didn't take stuff serious. It was more [about] having fun. I think what happened with tech-house is people just started taking it way too serious and getting too technical with it, and it just got to the point where being too serious was not cool. The last two albums, Kittenz and Thee Glitz and Devin Dazzle, I didn't take [making them] serious, but I made the music sound mature and serious. I'm a silly person, so my characters definitely come out in the music. 
Felix Da Housecat

I really didn't know who I was musically, so I was trying different styles. The only way to help me do it was to come up with different names and try and make that name a character. I was like a follower. Every time I heard something I'd say, “Well, let me try and make something like this.” Now I really don't mess with aliases anymore. 
Felix Da Housecat

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