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The Feeling Quotes

You know, you go into a club in a new town and you don't know anyone, so you just rub against each other. It's all you can do, isn't it?
Paul Stewart

"If we hadnít got top 40, we would have accepted we were wrong. We thought people would like us, and clearly the record company did too. If we hadnít done well, it would have suggested we were wrong, management were wrong, even the radio stations were wrong. Fortunately that didnít happen".
Richard Jones

It took us years to get where we are now. Our only game plan was that we were all obsessed with playing music and all wanted to do it in this way. We love doing it. We started the band three years ago, then we realised we had something really good and it was worth giving it a proper go"
Richard Jones

"We suddenly got all these football blokes running around singing our songs. That was a group we didnít think we would appeal to"
Richard Jones

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