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“Curtis Curtis jackson..he's the fakest thug I ever did see”

"It's like hip hop all over again, back in the '70s back in the Bronx, when it was just bubbling. But it's going to be huge."

"I'm thinking, 'OK, we're about to fight.' I'm like, 'We're about to get it on right here at the VMAs?

"Boost Mobile RockCorps is providing the chance and motivation to get our youth interested in volunteering. I usually hear about older people volunteering, but this movement is something new that is encouraging the youth to become involved. It's really a chance for them to come together through caring more about their community, which is so important for these kids to learn early on. I think it's crucial to instill a sense of pride in the community and this is a great way for our youth to do that.

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