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What other bands besides Rush do you look up to?
Pete: Green Day, Lifetime, Joy Division, Cure…
Patrick: Squeeze, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits…

Pete: In some ways, but I learned a lot from hardcore. A lot of our ideals come from it. (regarding hardcore music the band use to play)

Andy: I love hardcore. I miss playing it. And the idealism isn't really there in pop-punk. Whereas in hardcore, it's more about something. But hopefully we bring that along into Fall Out Boy. (regarding hardcore music the band use to play)

Would you rather tour with the band of your dreams, or have a threesome with the Tatu girls?

Andy: Band of my dreams.
Patrick: Band of my dreams.
Pete: Well, what if the band of my dreams IS the Tatu girls? (laughs)

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