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We are seeking any major label recognition. Our management team at MSK [MuSiKgroup] is working on that for us.
Jeremy Moore

Pure energy within the band and the crowd as well.... a huge party but still in a professional sort of way. The music is still solid.
Jeremy Moore

It's usually all collaborative. One person has an idea, we all play in the jamroom and build on it. Every once in a while, someone brings in a song pretty much put together but we all add what we can and build on it.
Jeremy Moore

Yeah, it's hard. It's a business full of competitors. It's hard to be different, because there's so many people. But, you know, I think just being yourself is usually different enough—if you can figure out how to do that. Most people just have a hard time figuring out how to be themselves—including us...but we're working on it.

The sky's the limit. We can be with as much success as we can possibly have. I hope that's where we're at.

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